Coronavirus and Tourism – level 2

23-10-2020 15:00

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many tourist destinations were full of tourists, which had a big impact on nature. Tourists left a lot of trash behind, and they affected wildlife.

The coronavirus made it very difficult to travel, and it was bad for local businesses. But there was a positive impact of the coronavirus, too. In Thailand, the beaches were much cleaner than before the pandemic. Some fish returned to Thai waters, and turtles laid eggs on beaches that were usually full of tourists.

The Thai government said that the country would close all its national parks for three months every year. The government wants to help nature recover from tourism.

Difficult words: tourist destination (a place that people visit when they are on holiday), impact (a big change to something), national park (an area that is protected because of its nature, plants, and animals), recover (to return to a normal state).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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