Nazca Cat – level 1

23-10-2020 07:00

The Nazca Desert is in Peru. Nazca lines are there. Nazca lines are very famous.

They are lines in the ground. They make large animals and other things. They are so big that people cannot see them from the ground. People can see them only from above.

Archaeologists find new lines. The lines make a cat. The cat is 37 meters long. It is on a rocky hill.

Archaeologists do not explore this place before. They are surprised to find the cat.

The rain and wind take away rocks and soil from the hill. That is why archaeologists do not find the cat before.

Difficult words: archaeologist (a person who finds old things in the ground), explore (to travel around a place and to learn about it), soil (the top part of the dirt or earth in which plants grow).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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