Pet Food from Bugs – level 3

11-10-2020 15:00

The company Nestle is putting something new on the menu for our four-legged friends.

This month, the Swiss giant is starting to make pet food from insects, and strong demand is expected from Eco-conscious customers. According to Nestle, bug-based food is more environmentally friendly, as it reduces dependence on conventional meat. Nestle´s Purina Beyond Nature´s Protein range comes in two flavors, with one featuring protein from black soldier fly larvae.

The market has been pioneered by smaller brands; however, the demand seems sufficient to make the products available at the Swiss chain Coop which already sells insect-based snacks and burgers for human consumption. Nestle said that this year´s events boosted demand because people spent more time at home. People bonded with their pets and they wanted to spoil them with pricier food.

Difficult words: Eco-conscious (the situation when you think about the environment), conventional (considered ordinary or normal), pioneer (to be the first one to use or apply something new), bond (to develop a strong relationship with someone).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.

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