Amazon Strike – level 1

02-12-2020 07:00

Amazon is a US company. Amazon sells things to people. It is the world´s largest company that sells things online.

Amazon´s biggest market outside the US is Germany. But some German Amazon workers are not happy. They want better money. They also are not happy with some things at work. Seven German warehouses plan to go on strike.

The strike will start on November 25. It will last three days. It means that it will be on ´Black Friday´. Black Friday is the most important shopping day for companies. Companies offer things at better prices. Black Friday is the start of Christmas shopping time.

Difficult words: market (an area where a company sells its products), warehouse (a big building where companies keep their products before they sell them), strike (when employees do not want to work as a protest against something that they do not like at work, usually money).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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