Island for Refugees – level 1

09-12-2020 07:00

Millions of people run away from Myanmar since 2017. The situation in Myanmar is very bad and dangerous. People do not want to stay there. They flee to Bangladesh.

They are refugees. Refugees stay in refugee camps. The camps are full now. The Bangladeshi government must solve the problem.

The government builds homes for refugees on an island. The island is 40 kilometers away from Bangladesh. Nobody lives on the island. The government plans to move 100,000 refugees there. The government also plans to build three schools and a hospital. Some people say that it is not enough for so many refugees.

Another problem is the weather. A big part of the island goes under water during the rain season. The rain season is the time of year when it rains a lot.

Difficult words: flee (to run away from a place or dangerous situation), refugee (a person who leaves a country because it is dangerous to stay there), refugee camp (a place where people stay when they leave their country).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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