Waterproof Clothes and Windows – level 2

28-12-2020 07:00

The British public knows well that it is upsetting to be caught out unprepared by the weather. Now, there is a future for waterproof clothes, but what is this, exactly?

It is similar to your waterproof jacket. The water bounces off and rolls off really easily. Water-repellent causes the bouncing effect, and this is the same one that is used in house paint.

For the first time, people sprayed the repellent onto boots and a jacket. They then used muddy water for testing.

The repellent really worked, but what are the chances for the future? The challenge is to make the repellent stronger. After that, people can use it on buildings or windows. When it rains, dust or other particles will keep off the glass or the building.

So self-cleaning windows and no more window cleaning! Surely, no one will say no to that idea.

Difficult words: upsetting (not pleasant), bounce (to jump), repellent (protection), particle (a small part of something).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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