Better Future for Businesses – level 3

21-01-2021 07:00

Once COVID-19 vaccination is widespread, consumer and workplace behavior will likely change and it will impact markets. Which sectors will respond to the vaccine?

In anticipation of the roll out, one of the biggest increases is the energy sector. As people become more mobile, flying, going on cruise lines, or doing road trips, there´s going to be a higher demand for gasoline and oil.

Information technology is going to ease off, as people start to get back to work and not need some items that they have been using during the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for agricultural products that revolve around restaurants is likely to increase. These products include, for example, sugar or coffee.

Difficult words: sector (an area of business or a place), anticipation (a feeling of excitement about something pleasant or exciting that is going to happen), roll out (to introduce something for a widespread sale or use to the public), ease off (to be reduced in degree or intensity).

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