Fake Vaccine – level 1

10-02-2021 15:00

A gang in China makes a fake COVID-19 vaccine. They mix salt and water.

The gang starts to make the vaccine in September 2020. They sell the vaccine to China and to other countries, too. Police do not know which countries. Chinese police arrest 80 people from the gang. Police find more than 3,000 shots of the vaccine.

China has problems with vaccines in the past. Many Chinese people do not believe that Chinese vaccines are good.

Now the situation is different. People are afraid of the coronavirus. Many people want to get a vaccine. They do not mind if it is a Chinese vaccine.

Difficult words: gang (a group of people who do something bad), mix (to put two or more things together), mind (to worry or care about something).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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