Fake Vaccine – level 2

10-02-2021 15:00

Chinese police have arrested more than 80 suspected members of a criminal gang that was manufacturing and selling fake COVID-19 vaccines. According to state media, the group had been active since September 2020.

Authorities seized more than 3,000 doses of fake shots that were made of a simple saline solution, and they were being sold in China and other countries. However, it wasn´t clear which ones.

China has a history of vaccine scandals as a result of manufacturing and business practices. In 2019, a government crackdown introduced harsher penalties for producing counterfeits, and it led to widespread distrust of homegrown vaccines in China. However, people´s attitudes are changing and a survey suggests that 74% of people would take one if it was offered to them. Domestically, China has given out more than 24 million doses that were made by the state-owned company, Sinopharma.

Difficult words: saline solution (a mixture of salt and water), scandal (an action or event that is regarded as morally or legally wrong and it causes public anger), counterfeit (something that is made to look like the original of something else and it is used illegally).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.

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