Robot Faces – level 1

22-03-2021 15:00

Promobot is a Russian company. It makes robots. The robots are special. They look like real people.

The company makes only the head of the robot. The head looks like a real person´s head. It has all the parts. It has skin, eyes, and teeth. Some people believe that it is art. The company uses special computer programs, too. The company makes a 3D model of the head.

Business with robots is growing very fast. Promobot wants to make many robots for many people. Promobot´s robots work in 40 countries now. The company plans to make the whole body and not only the head.

Difficult words: robot (a machine which looks like a person and it can do some things that a person does), art (activities like painting, music, or dancing), 3D model (an image in a computer which shows a thing from all sides).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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