A ship in trouble – level 1

12-04-2021 15:00

A Dutch ship sails in the North Sea near Norway. Smaller boats are on board. Then the ship gets into trouble.

There is a big storm. The wind is strong. The waves are very big. The ship starts to move from side to side. Its engine stops working. It is a very dangerous situation.

12 people are on board. Some people jump into the water. It is not safe to stay on board. Rescuers help all 12 people. Then they are safe.

Now the ship is still at sea. It starts to move closer to the Norwegian coast. It is possible that the ship will sink. Oil can get in the sea. Rescuers must save the ship.

Difficult words: on board (on a ship, plane or other vehicle), engine (a machine which ships, cars or other bigger machines must have and they cannot work without it), sink (to get to the bottom of the sea, lake or river).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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