Legendary Nazi Train – level 2

21-04-2021 15:00

Legend has it that in 1945, the Nazis filled a train with up to 300 tons of gold, jewels, and masterpieces. They drove it into secret tunnels in an area of Germany. This area is now part of Poland.

A group of Polish enthusiasts are building a full-size replica of this famous train. The group is working in an old wood processing factory. These people already have an armoured wagon, which is over 12 metres long. Now, they will build three armoured freight cars and an armoured locomotive.

Then they will move everything and connect it to a tunnel. This will look like the train has arrived. The group hopes that this will become the area’s tourist attraction.

Difficult words: enthusiast (a person who is very interested in something), armoured (protected by metal), freightcar (a railway wagon for carrying freight – cargo, things).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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