New sensors help women – level 2

21-05-2021 07:00

A team of scientists made three wireless sensors which helped during labor.

During labor, doctors measure many things, for example the mother´s heart rate, temperature, pulse, and level of oxygen. It helps them know how the woman and the baby inside her body are doing and if everything is okay. These special sensors are on a woman´s chest, finger and belly. They communicate with each other, and they give the doctor all the information which he needs.

The sensors are very helpful because women could use them at home, and doctors could check them without meeting personally. Another good thing is that the sensors have no wires and the woman can move freely.

Difficult words: wireless (without wires or cables), sensor (a device which measures something and how it is changing), labor (when a pregnant woman is pushing a baby out of her body).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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