A new way to save rhinos – level 2

09-06-2021 07:00

Researchers in South Africa are testing a new method to stop the illegal killing of rhinos. Poachers kill rhinos for their horns which are important mainly for people in Asia. They believe that rhino horns will make them live longer.

Also, rich people buy rhino horns because they want to have something that people cannot normally buy. The price of one kilogram of rhino horns can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Researchers find a way on how to make rhino horns less attractive. They put a radioactive material into the horns. Researchers hope that people will not want to buy something radioactive. Also, it will be easier to track smugglers. Some ports, airports, and border crossings use special monitors which can find radioactive material.

Difficult words: method (the way of doing something), poacher (someone who catches and kills animals illegally), smuggler (someone who takes things or animals from one country to another illegally).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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