Drones cannot fly over Paris – level 1

11-06-2021 07:00

Drones are very popular. Filmmakers use drones very often. They fly over natural places and cities, too. One city bans drones. It is the French capital, Paris.

France has very strict drone laws. Drones cannot fly over Paris. People who do it pay a big fine. This is a problem for drone pilots. They cannot work. They lose money.

Officials say that drones are dangerous. A drone can hurt someone if it falls. Another problem is that drones are not safe. Some people can use a drone to attack people.

Difficult words: drone (a small flying vehicle that a person uses from far away), ban (to make something impossible officially), fine (the money which someone must pay when he does something wrong).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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