Drones cannot fly over Paris – level 2

11-06-2021 07:00

Drones are becoming very popular with filmmakers and also amateurs. Many tourists want to make a film of a place which they visit. There is one city where it is not possible to use drones; it is the French capital, Paris.

France has very strict drone laws and officials classified Paris as a no-fly zone. It means that no drones can fly over Paris, and if so, drone pilots have troubles with police, and they pay big fines. Drone pilots are not happy with this law because they cannot do their work.

There are two main reasons why drones cannot fly over Paris. The first reason is that if drones fall, they can be dangerous for people. The second reason is security because officials worry that some people can use drones as weapons.

Difficult words: amateur (a person who does something for a long time as a hobby and not as a job), classify (to divide something in different groups or classes), fine (the money which someone has to pay when he breaks an official rule).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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