Elephants destroy crops – level 2

11-06-2021 15:00

15 elephants travelled about 500 kilometers through southwestern China. Local authorities tried to keep the animals away from places where people lived.

It seemed from photos and videos that the animals were healthy. They did not hurt anyone, but they did serious damage. The elephants wandered through fields and villages, and they destroyed crops.

In another part of China, 17 elephants were stranded when they could not cross a river. Before that, they broke into a place where farmers kept more than 130,000 types of plants. More than 1,300 plants were very special, and farmers needed to protect them.

Difficult words: wander (to walk around slowly in a relaxed way), stranded (when someone cannot leave a place, for example because of bad weather), protect (to keep someone safe from something bad).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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