Elephants destroy crops – level 3

11-06-2021 15:00

A wandering herd of 15 elephants has been journeying in southwestern China´s province, as local authorities try to keep them away from populated areas.

The elephants entered a rural suburb on Wednesday night after traveling 500 kilometers, and they haven´t left the area since. The animals look in good health and they have been seen roaming through farmland and villages. They haven´t harmed anyone; however, according to the media, they have damaged or destroyed crops worth more than 1 million dollars. Local authorities have sent more than 630 people, 100 vehicles, and 14 drones to watch the animals.

Meanwhile, another herd of 17 wild elephants has been reported in a south province. They are stranded there, unable to cross the river and leave due to the rising water level in the summer. The animals broke into a crop protection and cultivation base, and more than 130,000 types of plants, including 1,350 endangered species, are at risk of being destroyed.

Difficult words: herd (a large group of animals of one kind that live together), roam (to wander), cultivation (growing and caring about a particular crop).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.

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