Spain´s ugliest tomato – level 1

23-09-2021 15:00

An unusual competition takes place in Tudela, Spain. Farmers compete in the ´ugliest tomato´ award.

The competition happens every year. It is on September 12 this year. Farmers bring tomatoes which are ugly. Most tomatoes are Marmande tomatoes.

Nobody really knows why some tomatoes grow ugly. One farmer says that bees are the reason. Bees take the pollen from one flower to another. Something goes wrong sometimes. Then, the tomatoes are ugly.

Marisol and Vincente Martinez win the competition this year. They say that they do not plan to grow ugly tomatoes. It just happens. They bring the tomatoes to Tudela. Then, they win. The prize is a Spanish ham.

Difficult words: competition (an event when somebody wants to be better than others), compete (to try to be better at something than others), pollen (a yellow powder which is on flowers, and bees take it to other flowers).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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