A flying boat – level 1

24-09-2021 15:00

An unusual race happens in France last week. Athletes use flying boats. The flying boat is a boat where you lay down and pedal at the same time.

The idea is not new. Two French professors think of a flying boat in 2013. Nicolas Picard makes a boat called JetCycle in 2020. He uses the idea of a flying boat.

He changes it a little. He puts foil in the front and at the back. This makes the boat fly. The boat can move at 9 kilometers per hour.

One boat costs 12,000 euros. Picard wants to sell 100 boats in the next three years. Picard hopes that people will enjoy this new activity.

Difficult words: athlete (a person who plays a sport), pedal (to push your feet on a part of a bicycle to move it), foil (a piece of thin metal material), activity (something that people do).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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